Planet Bike Cable Lock

$24.99 $19.99

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Super secure 18 millimeter cable lock from Planet Bike. It is 2.6 feet long and comes with multiple keys. It was originally a $35 dollar lock but we scored a bunch of them on close out so we’re passing the deal along to you for just 20 dollars a pop. We don’t recommend cable locks but an 18mm will take a brute to cut through with some bolt cutters or at least 45 seconds with a portable angle grinder.

Cable locks are great secondary locks around the campus area or perfect locks for low risk areas or quick stops to buy beer and other necessities the average college kid needs. They are easy to cut through but any lock can be broken and this thick and strong one from Planet Bike with give em some hell before they steal your baby in the middle of the night because your an idiot for locking it outside around campus.