Welcome Back! The Fall Is Upon Us 2017

August 18, 2017 Uncategorized

Here we go again! August is always the most exciting time of the year for us at Clown Dog and probably all of you starting off at or returning to the University of Texas. We have and always will be campus’s best source for bikes and bike repairs. We’ve been at it since the turn of the century and take great pride in the fantastic service and sales we provide for incoming and returning students. We are here for you.

This year we are offering two main Back To School packages at super affordable prices. You always get 10 percent off of any accessories when you purchase a bike from us but these packages sweeten up the deal a bit. There are plenty of bikes out there but we’ve picked out a couple of extraordinary ones that blow the competition away. These aren’t heavy steel bikes or internet bikes that you have to pay extra to get assembled without any service warranty. These are the real deal from the highest rated shop in Austin that is located across the street from campus. That means when you need a flat fixed or a warranty tune up done you can drop it with us and walk to class across the street rather than a mile away from class.

The first is our tried and true SE Monterey 3.0 7 speed hybrid with a Ulock and Giro helmet for $349.99. This is an ideal campus bike. It is an alloy hybrid that is very lightweight and comfortable. It has a nice range of gears for getting up 21st or 24th Street or hauling butt down them to get to class. The seat is super comfortable and the bike’s geometry puts you in an upright, comfortable position. The helmet is Giro’s flagship recreational helmet and is a one size fits all as well as having plenty of ventilation for those somewhat hot days that seem to dominate Austin from late Spring to early Fall. The lock is the industry standard for Ulocks. We recommend 2 locks if you’re leaving your bike out overnight. BRING YOUR BIKE INSIDE AT NIGHT! It has rack tabs so a cargo rack can be installed easily. We’ve been selling these for years and guarantee you will love it. One year of maintenance that covers everything except flats and broken parts is included with every bike we sell on top of the bike’s already excellent warranty.

The second package is an extremely durable and lightweight 24 speed Fuji Absolute 2.1 commuter hybrid. It has a huge range of gears for climbing the steepest of hills or keeping up with traffic around town. Rack tabs on the frame and fork allow for lots of cargo accessories. The seat is comfy and the bike geometry is more aggressive than the SE Monterey so you can really travel further faster and more efficiently. This is a bike we’ve sold for years as well as the Monterey and is our all time favorite for campus transportation. It is both light and efficient to get you where you need to go when you need to get there.

If you already have a bike and need it serviced bring it on down to Clown Dog! We’re fast and affordable. Being a small shop we keep service costs low and our turn around time is days not a week plus. We have everything you need from tires and tubes to grips and brake pads. We’ve always got a smile on our face when you walk in. We’re here to make your day better, your life easier, and your bike run smoother than butter on a biscuit on a cool Texas morning. Come on by and check out Austin’s friendliest bike shop.

Thanks for checking us out!


The Fall Semester Is Upon Us!

July 27, 2016 Blog

Welcome to the fall 2016 semester here in Austin at the University Of Texas students and parents! We’re always excited for August and the beginning of the fall semester to welcome in a new group of campus riders and to have it cool down just a little bit. We’ve been outfitting University of Texas students and staff and beautiful folks from all over town with smart and reliable bikes and gear for 16 years. We couldn’t be more grateful and proud to service the campus area and do our little part to keep the wheels turning and the tires aired up!

The shop is run by Bryce and John who opened the doors in the spring of 2000. We opened with a vision of treating every single person equally as they walked through the door and made it our mission to treat both people and their bikes with the same amount of respect, consideration, and dignity. We ended up falling in love with helping maintain old beater bikes and crazy steel machines and work horse bikes and cross campus ass haulers and all different sizes and ages and varying degrees of obscure two wheeler transport bicycles that came through our doors.

In the beginning Bryce and I used to sit outside in the late afternoon as the sun fell down below the buildings across the street and play dominoes on a busted spool we found in the alley. We kept working and fixing bikes and soon enough there was no time for dominoes. Years later and rolling nicely we’ve got a great team of mechanics and shop crew and know exactly what your bike needs and how to make it run like a well oiled machine.

This August we have a great selection of entry to mid level Fuji Hybrids ranging from $399 to $519 for smartly designed machines that will fit your riding needs. We have three bikes from $279 to $349 for our annual Back To School Sale and 10% off accessories with a bike purchase for 30 days. We do a year of maintenance the first year for all bikes we sell over $300 covering all basic maintenance for the first year you have your bike excluding flats and trauma.

Please explore our Clown Dog site and get details on sweet deals! Never hesitate to come by the shop and what the what what about some bicycles and bicycle stuff. We have a nice selection of bikes to help get from one side of campus to the other and home and back. We have a stable of reliable Fuji, SE, Jamis, Schwinn, and Surly bicycles to help get you to where you need to be. Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to meeting you!